Young adults are leaving…iStock_000048073496_Full

In Southern Oregon young adults in every county are moving out of the area at higher numbers than any other age group; likely in search of jobs and training opportunities.

  • For example, almost 3,700 young adults in Douglas County alone moved away between 2000 and 2010.

Give them a reason to stay!

Our region needs new workforce training opportunities that can connect individuals to jobs in the area. We should be expanding local job training and placement programs to give our youth and young families a reason to stay.

The Oregon Employment Department reports that healthcare continues to top the list in total job vacancies in the state. As expected, the rates of difficult-to-fill healthcare jobs are especially high in Southern and Rural Oregon.

Regional and rural hospitals and healthcare providers are echoing these reports, pointing to increasing difficulty in filling job vacancies. As healthcare provider shortages grow, it will become increasingly difficult for residents to access critical services.

Building a regional allied health medical college will:

  • Serve a range of fields and occupations, ensuring residents have access to healthcare and jobs.
  • Provide a pipeline of skilled healthcare professionals to regional hospitals and various other healthcare providers.
  • Allow local residents to tap into college as a pathway to securing family-wage jobs in the area.
  • Help to revitalize Southern Oregon’s economy.