Long-term solutions for Southern Oregon’s economy

Capitalizing on the “recession-proof” vitality of healthcare, the college can serve as a stable economic engine, providing needed stimulus and workforce job training for our youth and young families. Hospitals and providers would have a reliable pipeline of skilled professionals necessary to ensuring access to care as the demand for services continues to grow. And, local residents, including high school and community college students, can tap into the college as a pathway to securing family-wage jobs.

Vision for regional allied health medical college…

  • Provide access to healthcare across Southern Oregon
  • Enhance workforce job training
  • Help revitalize the economy with a new source of job opportunities
  • Reverse growing provider shortages across various occupations
  • Recruit healthcare professionals and students to rural areas

What programs are expected to be offered at the regional college?

The regional allied health medical college is envisioned to serve multiple high demand medical fields by offering advanced training in bachelor and graduate level programs like nursing, pharmacy, radiology and imaging, physical and occupational therapy, dental hygiene and mental health. The specific mix of programs offered by the college will depend on input from regional educators and healthcare providers, as well as the capacity of the academic partner secured to take the lead in shaping and administering the college. Graduates can take advantage of job placement programs anticipated to be offered through the college in partnership with regional healthcare providers.

Why build an allied health medical college here in the region?

By building a pipeline of healthcare professionals at all levels for our region, we can ensure ongoing access to critical physical and mental services. Those who train in rural areas are more likely to stay and work in rural areas than those trained in urban areas. Youth and young families will have a reason to stay in Southern and Rural Oregon to take advantage of job training and career opportunities. And, individuals from surrounding areas, including out-of-state, will have a reason to relocate to the region.

Where will the regional medical college be located?

The main campus of the regional allied health medical college is planned for Roseburg, Oregon. It is well-situated on the I-5 corridor and accessible. A feasibility study completed in 2014 confirmed that there are multiple sites that would accommodate a multi-building college campus. Strong local support from city and county government, the business community and healthcare organizations, including Mercy Medical Center and the Roseburg VA Medical Center, exists to support the college and make it a reality.

See FAQ for more details about the regional allied health medical college.